Taobao And Style Theory Open First Physical Store In S’pore As Part Of New “Phygital” Retail Concept

Taobao finally makes a shift from online to offline with its first-ever brick-and-mortar Taobao store at Nomadx (pronounced ‘nomads’) at Plaza Singapura.

Spanning 11,000 square feet across two floors of the mall, Nomadx features a curated selection of 17 other brands offering a wide range of fashion, beauty, consumer electronics and F&B.

This includes the first physical outlets of popular online businesses, new-to-market brands, as well as limited editions of well-known labels.

Some of these brands include clothing rental Style Theory, fragrance design and mixology label Oo La Lab, Digital Fashion Week’s multi-label boutique, and F&B brands such as Teapasar and By Peapods.

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Fashionistas can also shop for new-to-market Nomadx exclusives from fashion brands, such as Karl Lagerfeld’s Pins collection of bags and accessories rolled out in partnership with Robinsons.

Nomadx is also Singapore’s first “phygital” multi-label concept store that offers a blend of physical and digital experience.

The store adopts a tribe-based marketing strategy whereby members of CapitaLand’s CapitaStar programme can register their visits through facial recognition technology which will then assign them to one of four tribes – Sea, Mountain, Forest and Wind.

“Each shopper profile is tied to a proposed shopping route, as well as product and deal recommendations,” said CapitaLand.

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It will also feature novel retail technologies such as gamification, smart mirrors, and interactive product walls.

For instance, at the Mamonde skincare counter, you can place any product on the reader and it will display the product information on the screen.

Over at Style Theory, you can scan QR codes to receive sizing and styling recommendations.

Beyond shopping, Nomadx also houses F&B outlets Bizen Wagyu Steakhouse By Aston Soon, Coco & Frank, and Waa Cow! Express.

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